NovaBACKUP Professional 19.1.1423 Crack Download FREE

By | April 13, 2018

NovaBACKUP Professional 19.1.1423 Crack Download FREE

Download NovaBACKUP Professional is designed to work on Microsoft Windows os’s, offering local and file that is online and disaster recovery image backups.

NovaBACKUP Professional 19.1.1423 Crack Download FREE

NovaBACKUP Professional 19.1.1423 developed by NovaStor is information protection software that allows SMB users to backup and recover mission-critical data across a hybrid of real and machines that are virtual.

NovaBACKUP Professional 19.1.1423 Crack

If you are searching for a less-expensive and system that is lower-end either Genie or NovaBackup, you might like to consider NTI Shadow. This software lacks Genie’s and NovaBackup’s capability to send backups to remote FTP sites or writable DVDs but can perform every backup that is necessarily needed for a tiny business or home network.
This is not the total case with NovaBACKUP.


Rapid restore speeds:

  • A backup is only nearly as good your ability to restore from it, and the NovaBACKUP that is new 19 up to 4x faster restores – without compromising reliability.
  • The recently developed philosophy makes an index into your backups for the backup import rates that are fastest ever.

Backup that is multi Threaded restore:

  • NovaBACKUP PC utilizes new technology which uses Multi-Threaded I/O process to allow overlapping of file read and write operations for both backups and restore for faster processing, without compromising data integrity.

Comprehensive backup options:

  • With NovaBACKUP PC, you can select between file-level or image-level backups – meaning you can backup individual files, or your whole Computer drive that is hard.
  • Works on Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7(SP1)
  • Local + backup that is online file sync: Backup your files, images, videos and more to local products or even to the cloud.
  • Now you may also firmly backup to register that is accessible services you already use like Dropbox, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, drive sync, SkyDrive, and SafeSync.

NovaBACKUP Professional 19.1.1423 Crack Download FREE

Fast backup speeds:

  • NovaBACKUP PC tested 4x faster compared to a competitor that is nearest.
  • And, you may use scheduling that is automatic backup bit-level or incremental changes, in between your full backups – ensuring your data is protected, without the need to continuously run full backups.

Automobile shut-down after a backup is complete:

  • Save energy and secure our new auto shut-down feature to your machine.
  • After having a backup is complete (copy jobs, file backups or image backups)
  • It’s simple to shut-down or restarts your system automatically.
  • No messages that are pop-up stop you from going home early.

Disaster recovery image backups:

  • hard disk crashes indeed are a fact of life.
  • But with Disaster Recovery, you always have an image backup of your system that is entirely your operating system down to your e-mail settings and options.
  • Along with the restore process that is fastest in the marketplace
  • You and your data could get back to work in no time.

Easy to install and make use:

  • With easy installation, easy step-by-step wizards and automated backups
  • NovaBACKUP PC makes it easy to reserve your PC and keep your data protected.
  • Get the backup that is first up-and-running mins.

Free Email support:

  • NovaBACKUP PC includes 1 of email support 12 months.
  • You have unlimited access to email and live chat help from our local, one-on-one support engineers
  • 30-day access to product upgrades and unlimited usage of an extensive collection of helpful guides and paperwork.

Integrated help tab for 24-hour assistance:

  • Our integrated support tab gives you many years of NovaStor expertise that is technical your fingertips twenty-four hours a day.

Always Microsoft-ready, with complete Windows 10 support:

  • NovaBACKUP is constantly Microsoft-ready
  • You can talk with customer care representatives via live conversation, email or phone, or browse the many informational resources available on its website, including a knowledgebase, a part that is FAQs various instructional videos.
  • Many of these resources can be found for your requirements from straight within the interface.

Protection for both general sides for the cloud:

  • No matter if you want to offer backup as an ongoing service or protect your data center
  • NovaStor has a data protection solution that is made to fit your requirements.

Speed, Efficiency, Security:

  • Features like multiplexing, end-to-end encryption, and user-access management simplify your life as an IT administrator.

100% neighborhood Support:

  • Our’ that is no-Tier support experienced backup engineers relies upon in Agoura Hills, California, and in Hamburg, Germany.

Natural & transparent licensing:

  • We created a certification that is intuitive to help you with your vital task, your business.

NovaBACKUP Professional 19.1.1423 Crack Download FREE

It is probably the all-around easiest information backup apps to use for both the restore and backup phases. Although the data compression and CPU usage were utterly mediocre, the restore and backup speeds were the quickest in our tests. For these good reasons, NovaBACKUP earns the most notable Ten Reviews Gold Award for best data backup software.

For our relative report on backup computer software, we tested each product in the trial that is exactly same and utilizing the same test information. In this accurate method, we could see an apples-to-apples comparison of speed, CPU usage, and data compression.

What’s New?

  • Backup your data to hard drives, tape drives, thumb drives, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drives (with full support for media spanning) plus get online data protection from your selection of world class storage providers – so it is possible to maintain industry most readily useful practices with one solution that is all-inclusive.
  • With automatic data protection, disaster recovery and neighborhood and backup that is online (now use Dropbox, OneDrive, and other file-sharing services), you cannot go wrong.

System Requirements:

  • 1.3 GHz processor minimum
  • 1 GB of free RAM minimum
  • 3 GB free drive that is hard space on OS drive.
  • TCP/IP system

Supported Systems:

  • NovaBACKUP supports both 32 and 64-bit versions of this working that is following Systems
    Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 SP1
  • Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2 SP1, 2008 SP2 (NovaBACKUP Server and Higher)
  • Windows Small Business Server 2011, 2008 SP2 (NovaBACKUP Server and Higher)

NovaBACKUP Windows & Mac is always Microsoft-ready, so you will not be left awaiting the latest Window OS to be supported. NovaBACKUP supports Windows 8.1, plus all OS back to Windows XP. With NovaStor’s patent technology that is pending you’ll find and restore files including historical versions of data, from an individual view, aside from when or where in actuality the files were supported.



How To Install?

Since uninstalling software in Windows can leave old information and remnant program data on the affected system (after a standard uninstalls of applications via

Control Panel -> Programs & Features, or Add/Remove Programs) you may now need to perform a clean uninstall of both the NovaBACKUP software, It, therefore, the old program data/registry key information that is probably still kept on the PC that NovaBACKUP had been install on prior also.


  • Starting the client in Advanced Mode by default
  • Immediately Starting the Backup Client Agent (CMC Connection Service)
  • Central Management Console Server IP / Fully Qualified Domain Name
  • Central Management Console Port
  • Default Central Management Console team

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